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Motor Vehicle Accident Q & A

What happens in a motor vehicle accident?

When a vehicle is moving it has momentum, this momentum is a sort of stored energy. Ever take your foot off the gas when driving? You and your car keep moving forward, right? This is momentum. When a crash occurs, this stored energy is removed from both your car and your body, this violent reaction can be calculated in G-forces. It's this powerful and quick deceleration that causes harm.

At 1G (the normal everyday force of gravity on our bodies, “one gravity”) you feel normal. At 3G you feel three times as heavy, in a crash at approximately 100mph you can feel 65G, and that's 65 times your weight. 65G is the number at which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - or the NHTSA - has found to be fatal, because there is just too much pressure on the body. Below this number however, you may walk away, sometimes with a variety of injuries that can last years or decades.


What happens after an accident?

Accidents are sudden and require special attention by doctors and patients alike. The disruption of your health and daily activities can be difficult to manage. The injured person is often left to manage the personal, medical and insurance issues that may arise after an accident. You can minimize these issues through our assistance. If you lack the experience or ability to handle these concerns, we are here to help.

Unfortunately, accidents happen without warning. There is often insurance coverage to help with the cost of medical treatment after an accident. Our program assists injured patients quickly get the medical care they need during a stressful time without paying out-of-pocket.

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