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Around 70% of people experience neck pain at some point during their lives, and many live with chronic pain. At Oklahoma Pain Physicians in Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma, Rafael Justiz, MD, and Alina Justiz, MD, diagnose the cause of neck pain and offer personalized treatments to reduce your pain and restore your mobility. Call Oklahoma Pain Physicians or request a consultation online today.

Neck Pain Q & A 

What are the common causes of neck pain?

Many factors can contribute to neck pain. In many cases, your posture is the cause of your pain. For example, if you spend your days sitting at a desk, chances are you have to tilt your head slightly to see your screen clearly.
While this head tilt may be almost imperceptible at the time, after weeks and months, the stress on the muscles and vertebrae in your neck takes its toll.

Additionally, the average American spends more than five hours a day looking at their phone, usually with their head tilted down. This also puts considerable strain on your neck and can lead to severe pain and stiffness.

Other potential causes of neck pain include:

  • Injuries like whiplash

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Spinal stenosis

  • Herniated or bulging discs

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Degenerative disc disease

You could also have neck pain that radiates from a problem in your shoulders, upper back,

or temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

When should I talk to a doctor about neck pain?

Almost everyone has a stiff or sore neck occasionally, and, in most cases, your discomfort subsides in a day or so. However, chronic or severe neck pain can interfere with your mobility and quality of life.

If you have neck pain that prevents you from turning or nodding your head, or if your pain doesn’t go away after a couple of days of rest and at-home care, make an appointment at Oklahoma Pain Physicians for expert diagnosis and customized treatment.

How is neck pain treated?

The team at Oklahoma Pain Physicians begins with a comprehensive exam to evaluate your neck pain, identify its cause, and assess its impact on your life.

Your exam might include diagnostic imaging studies like X-rays or MRIs, which allow your doctor to see the internal structures of your neck and identify damage or inflammation that could be causing your pain.

Once your physician understands your condition, they create a customized treatment plan to reduce your pain. Depending on your condition, they might suggest treatments such as:

  • Medication

  • Spinal injections

  • Botox® injections

  • Radiofrequency ablation

  • Spinal decompression

  • Regenerative medicine

  • Spinal cord stimulator

  • Kyphoplasty

  • Vertebroplasty

Your physician might also recommend physical therapy. You should also make sure that your workstation is set up correctly to reduce physical stress on your neck and back.

Don’t let neck pain interfere with your life. Call Oklahoma Pain Physicians today!

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